The Rotary Club of Petone

Having Fun, Doing Good

A very warm welcome to the Rotary Club of Petone - Petone is nestled on the northern shore of Wellington Harbour in New Zealand. 

The Rotary Club of Petone was established in 1951 and continues to assist, contribute and lead in many projects across the community and overseas. 

Enjoy your experience here and as you will see, there are numerous opportunities to be involved in working together for the benefit of all in our own and other communities. Join us at Caffiend (Jackson Street, Petone) on Tuesday nights - we meet at 5.30 for a 6.00pm start but let us know in advance so we can confirm catering numbers.  

Latest News

Deja-vu...Caffiend Return

Our meetings have recently returned to Caffiend following a short stint at the Petone Workingmens Club.

We'd like to thank President Jim Hogg, Club Manager Aaron Kirby and all the staff at the PWMC for their hospitality and generosity in providing us with a meeting point over the last 6 months and allowing us access to their venue and has been very much appreciated.

Caffiend was our gathering point for a number of years and our return has been welcomed by all members. The venue is somewhat more cosy and the seating and table arrangement gives a more intimate feeling encouraging a lot more conversation as was evidenced on Tuesday night

We'll probably be feeling our way for a couple of weeks but Tuesday's format seemed to work well with Levi taking our orders and then helping Rose prepare the meals while the guest speaker "did his thing" immediately after the meeting opened.

I think all agreed that the meals were exceptional.

Please let us know if you're coming along (for catering) to get a feel for what we do - more hands-on projects in our community are being planned and our existing projects can always do with new sets of eyes and ideas.

Hutt River Trail - Ross Hardie

Past President and Honorary member Ross Hardie recently passed away. Ross will be very fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Recent speaker Ross Jackson spoke with us about the Hutt River Trail sending us the attachment and the following reflection.

"Ron Wilson who collectively brought together all the Presidents of Hutt Valley Rotary Clubs and encouraged their involvement and support. Each Club was allocated a reach of the Hutt River and were asked to provide a quick report on suitable areas for improvement. Ross Hardie, who I note sadly passed away last week, attended the early meetings held in Ron's office and was always very positive and proactive. Ross was the first to do his ''homework' and did a field trip with another club member and prepared the attached photographic report. If you look out on the site now, virtually all his recommendations pertaining to the trail have been implemented. Some were quite challenging to fund and implement but all are now incredibly well used."

Brave Thinkers Pays Dividends

Tyler Fitzjohn attended Brave Thinkers in Palmerston North recently. On his return, Tyler spoke with us about the experience,..."Brave Thinkers is about learning  business skills and giving back into the community. During the 6 days we travelled to local businesses where the owners spoke with us. Three days in, we were put into teams to come up with an idea and to pitch it to a 'Dragon's Den' ...presentation, idea, cover letter, finance, marketing and business plan. Three teams (including Tyler's) were selected from a group of 10 teams to present the concepts to a panel of four judges at a formal dinner."

Tyler's team won the competition with each team member receiving a $2,000 scholarship to Massey University. Tyler spoke a little about the concept they presented and the team has met several times since to further develop the concept with a view to carrying through to production. What is very exciting is that the concept and product have already received interest from investors and the figures that Tyler quoted are hugely exciting.

Picture This - Cell Phones Recycled

Pukeatua School in Wainuiomata was the recipient of a number of cell phones that were made available by the New Zealand Racing Board for recycling - here is a (sightly abridged) letter from Pukeatua...

Pukeatua PhonesTo Michael Bolton, President of Petone Rotary Club,

This letter is to thank you and your group sincerely for the donation of mobile phones to our school.   Please also pass our thanks on to the New Zealand Racing Board for allowing these to be recycled. This a valuable and graphic lesson which reinforces our school values of Manaakitanga, Ngana, Tuakiri and Whakaute.

The devices will prove to be an invaluable tool for every day school life. Because of the New Zealand Racing Board and Petone Rotary’s generosity, we as a school were able to save between $3000 - $5000 from our extremely tight budget. We can now put that money to other learning resources that we had to put on hold. For this we are tremendously grateful.

Our main purpose for the phones is to help record the many milestones and moments that our children experience using the cameras to capture photos and video.

While education essentially stays the same it also moves and evolves and these phones will help ensure we develop and move along with changing methods and assessment requirements. 

They are an extremely useful piece of technology that most people can use easily and we are very grateful for them.

Fruit Trees - Too Much?

We're not going to speak too loudly here just in case we jinx it but if the current run of weather continues we could be in for a great summer. The gardens are starting to sprout all manner of things and it won't be too long before fruit trees become laden with their crops.

For many of us this poses a problem - too much fruit and not enough people to take the excess.

If that sounds like you and if you'd be happy to donate the excess to various groups to distribute in to the community, then contact Community Fruit Wellington.

A group of volunteers will rescue the fruit and it will be distributed to those in need through Foodbank and Kaibosh Food Rescue, 

Community Fruit Contact at 022 596 9577 or by email.